Indeed – The ultimate job site

Whether you’re a job seeker eager to land your dream job or an employer looking to find the best talent, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across Indeed, the world’s largest job site. But what is Indeed and how have they become so successful? Let’s dive into the history of this groundbreaking platform and explore its features.

Indeed is founded 

Founded in 2004, Indeed is essentially a job search engine. But Indeed is much more than that. When they first started, their focus was on the employer and their need to find suitable candidates. But Indeed reversed the perspective and instead put the emphasis on the job seeker, making them unique in the industry. This approach has proven to be a successful concept as Indeed is now active in no less than 70 countries around the world. 

In 2024, Indeed celebrates its 20th anniversary and is today the world’s largest job site. Indeed has the most extensive traffic compared to other similar platforms. But what led to their success? 

The founders of Indeed, Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, had experience in the industry and recognized that there was room for improvement. Their vision was to create a centralized place where all jobs in the world would gather – and they succeeded. Indeed quickly became a gathering point for both job seekers and employers and has since continued to develop and offer new innovations in the industry. 

So how does Indeed work? 

Basically, they match job seeker keywords with relevant job postings available around the world. They use both organic search and paid exposure to maximize hit rate. In fact, paid exposure (sponsored ads) on Indeed leads to up to four times more hires compared to organic ads. This makes Indeed the ultimate platform for employers looking to reach a broad audience of potential candidates. 

Indeed also offers a range of useful features for both job seekers and employers. For job seekers, the basic function is to scrape and collect all job ads from around the world. This means that you as a job seeker have access to an extensive selection of jobs in one and the same place. In addition, Indeed uses an algorithm to learn what job seekers are searching for and takes historical search terms into account to optimize future job searches. This helps you as a job seeker to find the most relevant jobs, which in turn can shorten the job search itself. 

For employers, Indeed is an indispensable platform. Indeed is the biggest player in the industry and has the most visitors, as well as candidates spending almost twice as much time on Indeed compared to other platforms. By using sponsored ads on Indeed, employers can increase their exposure and often get even better results. In addition, Indeed has introduced company pages designed to give job seekers a more realistic view of what it’s like to work at specific companies. This concept, called Employer Branding, is becoming increasingly important, especially for younger generations who prioritize the corporate culture and values ​​of their potential employers. 

When should you use Indeed? 

The answer is simple – always! 

Indeed offers a unique advantage by offering payment based on performance (pay per performance-platform) instead of fixed contracts. This means that employers only pay when Indeed delivers concrete results, which provides significant flexibility in the advertising process. So, whether you’re a large international employer or a local startup, you can benefit from Indeed and get value for your money. 

What does the future look like? 

Looking ahead, Indeed is committed to remaining the ultimate destination for job posting. They aim to improve and shorten the job search and make it smoother and easier for job seekers to receive job offers. 

Indeed wants to constantly work towards revolutionizing the job advertising industry and changing the way we search for and fill jobs. Through their innovative platform and focus on meeting the needs of both job seekers and employers, they have become a trusted partner for millions of people around the world. So, whether you’re on the hunt for your dream job or searching for the best talent for your company, keep in mind that Indeed is the ultimate destination for both


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