Become a successful store with the best staff: A guide for those recruiting within food retailers

In the food retail, committed and good staff are a key factor in creating a successful store experience for customers. Recruiting and retaining the right staff is crucial to increasing sales and strengthening the brand. Here are some tips on how to become a more successful store by recruiting the right way.

1. Define clear requirements and qualifications

Before starting the recruitment process, it is important to define clear requirements and qualifications for the roles you need to fill. If the recruitment process aims to fill a vacancy, it is important to think about whether you wish to recruit someone with exactly the same profile as before or whether there is a need for other skills in the future. What are the most important skills and attributes required to be successful in the store? This will help you screen out unsuitable candidates from the start and focus on those who best suit your store’s needs.

2. Invest in service ability

In food retail, service is one of the most decisive factors for success. Look for candidates who have strong communication skills and a positive attitude towards customers. Previous experience of handling different customer situations can also be an advantage. If you don’t already have a recruitment tool that supports application processes with video, it’s a good tip for those who want to ensure candidates’ social skills early in the recruitment process.

3. Use internal resources

An effective recruitment strategy should be initiated internally. Consider existing employees for promotion or to fill vacant positions. Internal candidates often know the company and its culture well, which can contribute to a smooth transition and reduced learning time.

4. Create engaging job ads

When advertising vacancies, be sure to create engaging job postings that attract potential candidates. Describe the benefits of working in your store and what it’s like to be part of the team. This can increase interest and attract the best candidates. Using different media such as filmed job advertisements can give candidates a genuine insight into the work environment and attract the best talent.

5. Use the right recruitment channels

It is critical to use the most effective recruitment channels to reach potential candidates. This may include, among other things, various job portals/platforms and social media such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Also, use your network and ask existing employees to recommend candidates. The selection of channels can help you attract a wider and more relevant audience.


Recruiting the right staff is crucial to becoming a more successful store in food retail. By focusing on customer service skills, using the right recruitment channels and investing in training and development, you can build a strong team that creates a positive store experience and increases sales. Committed and competent personnel are the key to success in the grocery trade.

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