The challenges in the restaurant industry: The staffing crisis and the potential of digitization

The restaurant industry is crying out for staff. Despite thousands of job vacancies and even more looking for them, staffing in the restaurant sector does not add up. We are facing a staffing crisis that has affected the restaurants’ ability to grow and offer high-quality service. But what could the solution be? Digitization and automation can be part of the answer, and this is where Higher comes into play.

The staffing crisis in the restaurant industry

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry has suffered from a long-term staffing crisis. Despite the fact that there are over 7,000 job advertisements for various positions in the industry, including chefs, waiters and bartenders, it is still difficult to find staff, DN writes in their article. According to the industry organization Visita, staff with experience are in particular demand.

The restaurant sector lost around 50,000 employees during the pandemic, and although the number of employees is now returning to pre-pandemic levels, the problem remains that many of the new hires lack the necessary experience and training.

This problem is preventing businesses from fully recovering from the challenging years of 2020 to 2022. According to Visita, restaurants are being forced to hold off on expansion plans and make cuts in their services and offerings, such as reducing menu offerings or limiting opening hours.

Digitization and Automation as a Long-Term Solution

According to future strategist Johanna Danielsson at Kairos Future, digitization and automation can be part of the solution in the long term, DN writes in their article. Certain tasks within restaurant operations have already been stealthily automated away, such as check-in via digital systems and ordering food online. This frees up time and resources for restaurant staff to focus on providing a superior customer experience. It therefore also places new and higher demands on the staff.

Automation can also be the key to streamlining processes in the industry, and Higher is a player that understands the potential in this. By using Higher, restaurant owners and managers can simplify the recruitment process, spend significantly less time recruiting and finding staff that fit their needs and criteria.

Higher – An Effective Recruitment Tool

Higher is not just a recruiting tool; it’s a mobile tool that can help restaurants hire the right staff in a smooth way. Instead of relying on traditional resumes and cover letters, restaurants can use Higher to assess candidates based on their skills, personality and abilities.

It’s worth noting that Higher already has clients in the fast food industry, including Vapiano, Burger King and KFC. These successful collaborations demonstrate Higher’s capacity to solve staffing problems in the restaurant sector.

Let Digitization and Higher Be Part of the Solution

The staffing crisis in the restaurant industry is a complex problem, but digitization and automation have the potential to be part of the solution. Higher offers restaurants an efficient way to recruit staff and find the right candidates for their business. By using innovative tools like Higher, the restaurant industry can meet its staffing challenges and continue to offer high-quality service to its customers.

To find out more about how Higher can be part of the solution for your restaurant, contact us for a demo and discover the possibilities of digital transformation in recruitment and staff management in the restaurant sector. Let’s build a better future for the restaurant industry together.

Discover how Higher, with prominent clients such as Vapiano, Burger King and KFC, streamlines recruitment with innovative mobile solutions.


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