The fight against staff shortages in elderly care: How Higher Makes a Difference

Seven out of ten municipalities in Sweden suffer from a widespread shortage of staff in elderly care, which has resulted in increased workload for employees and unsatisfactory service for the elderly. The situation is urgent, and in the summer of 2022 alone, the elderly care staff worked almost one million overtime hours. To understand how we can solve this problem, let’s review the current situation and how Higher has come in as part of the solution.

The staff shortage in elderly care: an escalating problem:

With an aging population in Sweden, the need for elderly care is steadily increasing, but the number of people of working age is increasing to a much lesser extent. This has led to an acute staff shortage in elderly care, which in turn affects both care providers and care recipients.

According to an article and survey carried out by KA, almost 70% of the municipalities surveyed answered that they suffer from a staff shortage in elderly care. Overtime hours have more than doubled since 2019, which is a direct consequence of the staff shortage. The municipalities struggle to staff their operations and maintain an acceptable quality of care.

Higher: Open-minded and Effective Recruitment:

At a time when it is necessary to find innovative solutions to deal with staff shortages, Higher has developed a tool that makes the recruitment process easier and more efficient. Higher has created a way to apply for jobs that is both fast and open-minded. Instead of requiring candidates to write long CVs and cover letters, they can now complete the entire application process directly from their phones. Candidates who do not meet the specified criteria are automatically rejected, saving time for employers and candidates.

Skill-based recruitment with Higher:

Higher offers skill-based recruitment with tailored selection questions, personality tests and the opportunity for candidates to answer questions through video presentations. This method allows employers to select candidates based on what they can and want, rather than their background. The recruitment process becomes more fair and efficient.

Higher in Practice: Experiences from Järfälla Municipality:

Järfälla municipality, which often needs to recruit healthcare personnel for its various units, has chosen to use Higher in its recruitment processes. They have experienced a significant improvement in how they can attract and evaluate candidates.

“An urgent need to recruit candidates for the health and care sector forced us to think outside the box. We conducted a pilot with Higher, and the results were fantastic and helped us at the right time. We are excited to use technology that promotes diversity and makes recruitment more open-minded,” say Evelina Rasinkangas and Helen Eshammar, Recruitment Coordinator Social Administration in Järfälla Municipality.

Save time and lower unnecessary thresholds

Staff shortage in elderly care is an urgent and ongoing challenge. Higher has developed an innovative recruitment tool that can help municipalities and healthcare providers deal with this problem more efficiently and fairly. By removing unnecessary obstacles and letting competence and personality speak for themselves, Higher can contribute to ensuring high-quality care for Sweden’s elderly population.

Revolutionize elderly care recruitment with Higher! Solve acute staff shortages, save time and ensure high-quality care.


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