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Say hi to Higher! It’s time to put all your CVs and personal letters on the shelf, because now there is an easier and more efficient way to recruit. Remove all unnecessary administration so you can focus on what is important to you.



When Linnea Molla started at Apotea in 2018 she noticed that the recruitment process didn’t fit the business. The CV-based system they used were too slow for the high need of efficiency. The hit-rate was also very low. The company decided to try Higher’s CV-free and videobased recruitment tool which led to hugh time savings and a much higher hit-rate. During 2020 and the pandemic, the demand for e-commerce businesses exploded on the market but Apotea managed to recruit almost 200 colleagues within a month and tackle this increase. This would not have been possible without Higher.


Mornington Hotels

Mornington operates two hotels in Stockholm: in Bromma and on Östermalm. Christina Hamrin is site manager for the hotel in Bromma, with overall responsibility for the business and a strong focus on recruitment. After outsourcing the housekeeping part of the business to an external company, which took over the existing cleaning staff, Mornington now has about 15-20 employees. All employees should preferably be able to work at both hotels, which borrow staff from each other to match the needs.

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