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Do you want an easier, faster and more accurate recruitment? Discover our recruitment tool that selects the right person for the right role – without a CV and covering letter.

Recruit staff efficiently

Are you also tired of going through loads of CVs and cover letters every time you need to recruit staff? Your candidates are guaranteed to be just as tired of submitting them. Our recruitment tool Higher is instead based on skill-based questions, personality tests and a short video presentation. The candidate can complete their application directly on the phone in a few minutes.

As an employer, you get a direct, accurate screening of those who have the right skills and characteristics for the role in question. We simply created a recruitment system that we ourselves lacked.

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3 steps to smarter recruitment


Career page

Together with you, we create an easy-to-use and tailored career page according to your profile, where you can publish vacancies – preferably with a simple video from the workplace that also builds employer branding.


Skill-based recruitment

We help you customize selection questions and tests based on your requirement profile for each individual role so that you always capture exactly the skills you need – without exhausting the candidate.


Find the right candidate

Filter the applications based on the desired result to quickly obtain a selection of the candidates you want to proceed with. Give feedback easily via email or SMS directly via automated communication in the tool.


Administrative time savings


Mobile candidate experience


More video presentations than the previous year

Smarter, more efficient and
more accurate recruitment

Higher is a recruitment tool that is built to simplify a recruitment process and save time for all parties.

A faster and simpler application process also increases the possibility of reaching even the more passive job seekers who may not have their CV completely ready. The result will be a new, more dynamic job market, a wider selection of candidates and a better chance for you as a recruiter to find your next employee – at a fraction of the time you usually spend on recruitment.

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Do you want to try the recruitment tool of the future?

Reading about our smart recruitment tool is one thing. Experiencing it live is something completely different. Book your first meeting with us at Higher to see how the tool:

  • Allows candidates to apply for jobs directly on their mobile phone in just a few minutes.
  • Takes care of 65% of a traditional process – so you don’t have to!
  • Saves up to 80% in administration time.
  • Easy and efficient candidate management with drag-n-drop functions

Fill in the form to book a 30 minute demo. We look forward to showing you the future of recruitment!

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“Higher saves us a lot of time and streamlines our daily recruitment work. For us, it is valuable to see our candidates via video in a selection process where we can see how the candidate reasons about the questions asked, this has contributed to a significant increase in our accuracy in the recruitment process.”

Linnea Molla


“With Higher I probably save 70% of the time the video questions, automated functions and the templates are some of the most appreciated features of Higher”

Gauthier Muniania


“The tool really helps us to quickly bring in the employees we need. It gives us a very accurate first screening, which saves us a lot of time and money.”

Christina Hamrin

Mornington Hotels

“I recommend Higher to everyone!”

Sarah Ågren Karlsson

ICA Maxi Lindhagen

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We introduce the market’s new and most modern casting tool. Do you have a need to cast for a TV show, a feature film, a photo-shoot or other projects? Then we have the perfect tool for you. Higher casting is a modern casting tool where it’s easy to manage and sort through all applicants. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

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