Higher streamlined the recruitment process for the warehouse at e-commerce pharmacy Apotea

”To go through applications in Higher saved us almost 80% of our time compared with a CV-based system.” Linnea Molla, Recruitment Agent at Apotea, shares her experience working with Higher.


When Linnea Molla started at Apotea in 2018 she noticed that the recruitment process didn’t fit the business. The CV-based system they used were too slow for the high need of efficiency. The hit-rate was also very low. The company decided to try Higher’s CV-free and videobased recruitment tool which led to hugh time savings and a much higher hit-rate. During 2020 and the pandemic, the demand for e-commerce businesses exploded on the market but Apotea managed to recruit almost 200 colleagues within a month and tackle this increase. This would not have been possible without Higher.

New requirements for recruitment

Linnea Molla was hired to Apotea in 2018. She’s responsible for the recruitment to the warehouse in Morgongåva. The facility is around 38000 sqm and they manage over 1 million packages per month. It is the biggest employer in Heby council with over 900 employed. They recruit around 150-300 employees per year.

– At its most, we recruited around 400-500 employees during a year, Linnea shares.

The high volume of new recruits bring a high demand for a smooth process. When Linnea started at Apotea she noticed that the CV-based method they used were slow and had a low hit-rate.

– It did not fit our business. The hit-rate were low. Linnea continues: We also needed a higher tempo in the recruitment process.

Increased hit-rate and timesavings

Apotea decided to go for a new approach and started using Higher’s CV-free, videobased recruitment tool. Linnea says that the process now is much more efficient and points out some key factors:

– It is so smooth to manage candidate’s applications. Move them around in the system, easy to tag with necessary information, write comments to other colleagues also part of the recruitment process. It is easy to communicate within the tool and we can cut other communication flows thanks to this. A highly appreciated feature is the templates for email and SMS aswell. The tool is user-friendly for both candidates and recruitment agents.

Linnea points out the video based module as a particular strong feature within the tool which has increase the hit rate in the recruitment process for Apotea. It provides a good first impression of the candidate compared to before when this only happened later in the process at the interview stage.

– Thanks to the video feature the hit rate has increased and saved us a lot of time.

During the pandemic in 2020, Higher really got tested when the demand for e-commerce businesses increased on the market very quickly and Apotea needed to meet this rapid change.

We had great use of Higher during the pandemic when we managed to recruit around 200 employees within one month to meet the high demand on the market.

“By managing applications within Higher instead of a CV-based system we have saved around 80% of what we use to spend on recruitment in previous systems.”

Linnea Molla
Recruitment Agent, Apotea

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