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”If you don’t spend time reading tons of CV’s which usually doesn’t provide a clear perception of the candidate anyway – you save A LOT of time.” Listen to Anders Jansson, CEO at Humlegårdens Ekolager, tell his story with Higher in his recruitment-process. 

The business idea from Humlegårdens Ekolagers is to distribute raw material, equipment, and service for advanced home brewers to smaller independent breweries.  

Humlegårdens Ekolager was founded in 1992 as a family business by Eva Fahleson and Svante Ekelin and they were market leaders from start. Since September 2020 they are included in the Caldic Group.  

CEO Anders Jansson express the time savings as one of the highlights with recruiting through Higher.  


 A smoother recruitment process 

 Humlegårdens Ekolager mostly recruits staff within warehouse and customer service, and occasionally more profiled roles. Before they used Higher, the process was the same for all the roles.  

 Anders says ”The process became very complex for simpler roles” and describes a time before Higher when they requested CV’s for all types of roles.  

 “The adminsitration became too much for the manager and HR compared to the complexity of the role.”  

 Today the process is a lot different. Since they started with Higher the process is a lot smoother for everyone. The managers can easily sort out the candidates themselves, send messages and book interviews directly in the system.  

  We spend a lot less time now on reading CV’s and each manager can own their own recruitment process, create advertising and more without support from HR. HR can then focus on the roles that are more profiled and complex.” 



Video feature – a popular function 

 Higher consists of different modules and one of the most appreciated from Anders part is the video function were candidates record themselves in short video clips.  

 I really like the video feature because you get a first impression before you even had time to meet them in person.“ 

 By skipping the CV, Humlegårdens Ekolager has saved a lot of time in the recruitment process. Anders says they save approximately up to 20 hours per role they recruit by using Higher.  

He recommends Higher to everyone who’s looking to simplify and make the recruitment process much more efficient.  


 Anders wraps up with saying ”You save a lot of time by skipping the CV. Usually CV’s don’t give a clear perception of the candidate anyway.  

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