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Teknikmagasinet chooses Higher

x1000w-Higher Teknikmagasinet Bild - Pressrelease 16 maj 2022

Teknikmagasinet is entering into a collaboration with Higher, which means that Teknikmagasinet will be recruiting with the help of Higher's platform.

Nils Hedström, partner at Higher: "We are very proud and excited that Teknikmagasinet Sweden and Norway have chosen Higher's platform to provide themselves with competent personnel in the future. For Higher, this is another feather in the cap as Teknikmagasinet is a well-known brand and established chain. Personally, this is fantastic for me as I have been browsing through their catalog of gadgets since childhood for Christmas gifts and have spent countless hours in their stores yearning for technology gadgets."

Maria Eliasson, HR Manager at Teknikmagasinet: "We are looking forward to our new collaboration with Higher and their platform, which we believe will provide us with several advantages going forward. Firstly, we see it positively that the tool is tailored for us in retail with many applications to handle, filter, and match against what we are looking for. In addition to increased efficiency during the recruitment process, a big plus is that the candidate journey will be experienced as easier and more modern than before. Finally, Higher has high ambitions and a fast development pace for additional functionality in the platform, which will benefit both us as a customer and the candidates applying for our jobs."