The tool for accurate recruitment

Our user-friendly recruitment tool is based on selection questions, tests and video presentations – so you can recruit competence-based, open-minded and accurate.

How our recruitment tool works

1. Skill-based questions

Skill-based recruitment based on a requirements profile to sort out qualified candidates

2. Personality tests

Evidence-based tests developed together with certified Psychometrica that helps you get a picture of the candidate’s characteristics

3. Video questions

Short video questions to get a better idea of the candidate before the interview


A better candidate experience with CV-free recruitment

It should be easy to apply for a job today. With our tool, candidates do not have to spend hours writing CVs and personal letters, which must then be attached to an application. Instead, they can carry out the entire application process directly on their mobile phone. If they do not meet the criteria that you have set for the role, they are automatically rejected, which saves valuable time for you as an employer.

Unbiased recruitment with evidence-based methods

Our recruitment process is based on tailor-made selection questions, which can be skill-, value- or situation-based. Several answers could be correct, and the questions may be weighted so that some answers are more correct than others. The tool also includes evidence-based personality tests that measure, for example, motivation and self-confidence. This allows you to define the skills and attributes needed for the role you want to fill. The method provides a fair and unbiased selection, based on what the candidates can and want – not their background.

Video gives a better and more personal first impression

Have you ever been in an interview where you already after a few minutes feel that the person will not be suitable for the position – even though everything looked so good in the application? In our tool you can let the candidates record a short video where they answer three quick questions. The video gives you a good first idea of who the person actually is. You can also use video directly in the job ad. It gives a personal impression of the workplace, colleagues and the reporting manager.

Selection and feedback in the same tool

All applications are gathered in a well disposed view in the tool, which works just as well in the mobile as on the computer. You start by filtering out the candidates who got the desired result on the tests, then you evaluate their video presentations. Sort the applications by drag-and-drop to determine which you want to proceed with and not. The candidates who are not selected are automatically notified that they did not proceed this time. Contact the top-candidates to request a CV or book an interview.

Experienced recruitment

Our recruitment tool is continuously developed together with our customers. Several of them can be found in shops, the service sector, hotels and restaurants – industries where personal qualities often weigh heavily. But our method can be applied to all types of roles and businesses. We also support you all the way and are happy to help formulate selection questions and choose the right types of tests for the skills and characteristics you are looking for.

With Higher, you not only get a user-friendly and efficient recruitment tool. You also get a reliable partner with many years of experience in recruitment. We created Higher to get a recruiting tool that we ourselves as recruiters lacked.

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