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Our talent acquisition software is designed to be easy to use and is built on skill-based questions, tests, and video presentations. With our tool, you can hire based on competence, without bias, and with complete confidence.

How our talent acquisition tool works


Higher - applicant tracking system for recruiters

Are you tired of sifting through countless CVs and cover letters every time you need to hire new staff? Your candidates are equally weary of submitting them.

Introducing Higher, our innovative recruitment tool that takes a different approach. Instead of traditional documents, we rely on skill-based questions, personality tests, and a short video presentation. Candidates can effortlessly complete their applications directly on their mobile devices in just a few minutes.

As an employer, you'll benefit from a streamlined and accurate screening process that identifies individuals with the precise skills and qualities required for the role at hand. We have developed a recruitment system that we ourselves were lacking, ensuring you have the best tools to find the perfect fit for your team.


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Selection and feedback in the same talent recruitment software

All applications are collected in a clear view within the tool. You can easily filter out the candidates who achieved the desired results in their application and then evaluate their video presentations. Then, sort through the applications using the drag-and-drop function to determine which ones you want to proceed with or not.

Automated communication with the candidates makes the process even smoother and more efficient. You can reach out to the standout candidates to request their CV or schedule an interview directly within the tool.



Save time in your recruitment

Our first module prequalifies candidates so that as a recruiter, you only need to spend time on the applications that matter. If they don't meet the criteria you've set for the role, they are automatically declined, saving valuable time for you as an employer.

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Unbiased recruitment in a cutting-edge talent recruitment tool

Our recruitment process is built on customized selection questions that can be knowledge-based, values-based, or situational. These questions can be presented in text, image, or video format. There may be multiple correct answers, and the questions can be weighted to carry more significance. This method ensures a fair and unbiased selection based on the candidates' skills and abilities, rather than their background.

Our recruitment tool also includes evidence-based personality tests that measure factors such as motivation and self-confidence. These tests have been developed in collaboration with certified Psychometrists, who have extensive experience in recruitment and testing since their establishment in 2006.

In our recruitment tool, you can also allow candidates to answer three short questions through video. These video presentations provide you with a better and more personal first impression of who the person truly is before an interview.

76% Administrative time saving
100% Mobile application process
250+ Satisfied customers



"Higher saves us a lot of time and streamlines our daily recruitment work. For us, it is valuable to see our candidates via video in a selection process where we can see how the candidate reasons around the questions asked, this has contributed to the accuracy in the recruitment process has increased significantly."

Linnea MollaRecruiter


"With Higher I probably save 70% of my work time. The video questions, automated functions and templates are some of the most appreciated features of Higher."


Gauthier MunianiaManager, Vapiano Mall of Scandinavia


“The tool really helps us to quickly bring in the employees we need. It gives us a very accurate first screening, which saves us a lot of time and money.”

Christina Hamrin Site manager, Mornington Hotels in Bromma

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"I recommend Higher to everyone!"

Sarah Ågren KarlssonHR manager, ICA Maxi Lindhagen