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Schrems II




Higher transitions to a European cloud solution to comply with the new Schrems II directive regarding the storage of personal data.

On July 16th, the EU Court delivered a ruling in the Schrems II case, declaring it illegal to utilize IT-based services that transfer and process personal data in the USA under the framework known as Privacy Shield. Privacy Shield is a self-certification mechanism available in the US, allowing companies to register with the Department of Commerce and declare compliance with its requirements.

Previously, EU data controllers were permitted to transfer personal data to recipients who had joined Privacy Shield, based on a now invalidated decision by the EU Commission. With the invalidation of Privacy Shield, EU data controllers are no longer allowed to transfer personal data to recipients in the US using Privacy Shield as a legal basis.

In response to the Schrems II case, Higher made the decision in autumn 2020 to move its entire mobile recruitment tool to a European cloud provider. As of February 1st, 2021, there is no longer any connection to the US. Whether you are a candidate searching for a job through Higher or a customer, you can always trust that Higher complies with GDPR and acts responsibly in all situations. GDPR has become an increasingly important issue, and regulatory authorities have started taking clearer action in recent times.


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