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Talent Aquisition

In an increasingly competitive job market, the concept of Talent Acquisition has never been more relevant. Talent Acquisition is much more than just recruitment; it is a strategic process that encompasses the identification, attraction, screening, and onboarding of candidates with the skills and potential required to meet the company's current and future needs.


Talent Acquisition – a strategic asset

Talent Acquisition is not just a process but a strategic asset for companies aiming to ensure a continuous flow of qualified candidates. This entails not only finding the right skills but also engaging and retaining these talents. Talent Acquisition encompasses sourcing, marketing, employer branding, and recruitment, creating a holistic strategy to attract talents that can contribute to the company's long-term success.

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When is Talent Acquisition most important?

Talent Acquisition becomes particularly important in situations where there is a shortage of candidates, high turnover rates, or during significant expansion phases. In these scenarios, it is crucial to have a robust strategy to ensure a steady supply of qualified talent. Embracing a Talent Acquisition strategy can be especially advantageous in a world constantly evolving through digitization, where new skills are constantly in demand.

Advantages of transitioning to Talent Acquisition

A strategically designed Talent Acquisition process allows companies to look beyond the perfect background and experience and instead recruit based on potential.

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The difference between recruitment and Talent Acquisition.

Understanding the difference between recruitment and Talent Acquisition is crucial for every company striving to build a strong team. While recruitment focuses on quickly filling specific positions, Talent Acquisition takes a more strategic and forward-thinking approach. This method aims to identify and attract talents that not only fit current but also future needs, requiring a deeper understanding of the organization's long-term goals and culture.

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Talent Acquisition-strategies

To succeed in Talent Acquisition, companies can employ various strategies such as Make, Buy, or Steal. These strategies involve developing less experienced talents through training.

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Recruiting experienced candidates from similar roles...

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..or enticing key individuals away from competitors.

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Choosing the right strategy depends on the company's specific needs and long-term goals. 

Practical application of Talent Acquisition

To effectively implement a Talent Acquisition strategy, companies should identify skill needs, strengthen their employer brand, find and attract talents, build a candidate pool, and secure selection through competency-based recruitment. Higher is a digital recruitment tool actively screening out the best candidates for your company and building a pool of qualified candidates. Book a demo, and we can show you how we can help you strategically work with talent acquisition.

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Book a demo with us, and we can show you how you can save both time and money with Higher.