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Anonymous CV

The fear of discriminating against individuals based on incorrect grounds has sparked the discussion surrounding the anonymization of a CV, among other things. An anonymous CV is an attempt to promote unbiased recruitment by removing information such as name, age, gender, and more.


Should you use an anonymous CV?

When aiming for a more unbiased outcome in recruitment, the concept of an anonymous CV is often brought up. However, to fully implement unbiased recruitment, it is better to work with a CV-free recruitment process altogether. This allows for evaluating candidates in a much fairer manner, without any preconceptions and solely based on their skills and potential for employment. Utilizing only certain aspects of the process would be insufficient, so it is preferable to adapt the entire recruitment process to ensure fairness and impartiality.

Higher focuses on CV-free recruitment

At Higher, we believe in a completely CV-free recruitment process. Our recruitment tool is designed to provide a better and fairer understanding of candidates than a traditional CV ever could.

In our application process, the candidate who best matches the requirements will be the one who completes the process with the most accurate result. Regardless of background, age, or gender. Just as it should always be. Don't you agree?




Anonymous CV and CV-free recruitment are topics that involve a new way of thinking about the recruitment process, and it may require a bit more groundwork before a company decides to fully implement such a method. Below, you will find more information on how CV-free recruitment can streamline and improve the recruitment process for both candidates and companies. There is also a blog post discussing why an anonymous CV may not always be the best solution.


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