Anonymous CV

The fear of discriminating against people on the wrong grounds has risen to the discussion around the anonymisation of, among other things, a CV. An anonymous CV is about an attempt to work with an open-minded recruitment when you remove the information in a CV such as name, age, gender, etc.

Should you use anonymous CVs?

Often when you want to achieve a more unbiased result in your recruitment, the concept of an anonymous CV appears more and more often. But if you are to fully apply an open-minded recruitment, it is better to work with a CV-free recruitment altogether. Then you can start talking about assessing candidates in a much more equal way without prejudice and based on skills and employment potential. Using only certain parts in a process becomes impractical, but then it is better to adapt the entire recruitment process to open-minded recruitment.

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Higher works with CV-free recruitment

Higher and our recruitment tool are based on a completely CV-free recruitment process. Our recruitment tool is built to give a better and fairer picture of the candidate than a CV will. In our application process, the candidate who completes the process with a result that most closely matches the requirement profile becomes the most suitable for the position. Regardless of background, age or gender. Just as it should always be. Right?
Anonymous CV and CV-free recruitment are topics that involve a new way of thinking around a recruitment process and it may take a little more time before you as a company decide to apply such a method completely. Below you will find more information on how CV-free recruitment can streamline and improve a recruitment process for both candidates and companies. There is also a blog post about why an anonymous CV is not always the best solution.

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