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Recruitment process

Whether you work with a recruitment agency or handle the recruitment internally, having a well-thought-out recruitment process is essential. But where do you start, how do you proceed? If we begin by asking ourselves what is recruitment? – well, it's all about the process of attracting and hiring personnel and/or expertise.


How to improve the recruitment process with Higher

If you choose Higher for your recruitment needs, you're off to a great start. Below, we will outline the 5 most important aspects to consider when recruiting personnel, and Higher will support you throughout the entire process. Our team can assist you in creating a comprehensive job profile and crafting an enticing job advertisement. The tool itself streamlines the final steps of receiving applications, conducting interviews, and checking references.

Recruitment process flow

In a recruitment process, certain elements should be included, and it is evident that five components are usually the most important: Requirement profile, Job advertisement, Application process, Job interview, Reference checking. These five steps are meant to facilitate and assist companies in finding the right candidates for the positions that need to be filled. The content of each stage may vary, and the extent of each stage compared to others may also vary. If you utilize competency-based recruitment, it requires a specific type of preparation; certain specific jobs may require a background check, which becomes a mandatory step in the reference checking stage of a recruitment process, etc. The type of position to be filled can also affect the way the process itself may look. Therefore, these steps should be seen as a foundation to build upon when creating a recruitment process.
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Requirements profile


Job ad








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Recruitment requires a process

When there is a need for recruitment, it is crucial to establish a well-defined process. Recruiting can be a complex and extensive undertaking. That is why having a structured recruitment process in place is essential to attract the right talent and ensure that everyone involved understands how it works. This greatly facilitates the process and saves time when it is time to start recruiting.
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Find your process

The recruitment process can vary greatly depending on the size of a company, whether you are working with an external recruitment agency, the type of position you are hiring for, and the resources available to conduct the recruitment. Therefore, attempting to describe a recruitment process that can fit all situations can be challenging as it can differ significantly based on the aforementioned factors. However, there are certain aspects that are beneficial to include in a recruitment, regardless of the size or complexity of the process when hiring personnel.

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Recruitment guide for the future

Here, you can also explore our recruitment guide that covers essential elements and factors to stay ahead in the recruitment game, as well as emerging practices that are becoming standard in the recruitment process. Society is constantly evolving, so the recruitment process must constantly evolve too, in order to meet new emerging needs.


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