Recruitment process

Working with recruitment, you need to have a well-thought-out process. But where to start, how to proceed? If you start by asking yourself the question, what is recruitment? – yes, it is about the process of attracting and hiring staff and/or skills.

Recruitmentsprocess in Higher

If you use Higher when recruiting, you have a good start to a process. Below we will list the 5 most important parts when recruiting staff and Higher will support you through the entire process. We have a team that can help you set a requirements profile and produce a good job advertisement. The tool itself facilitates the final steps when it comes to applications, interviews and reference taking.

Recruiting staff – 5 steps to use

In a recruitment process certain parts should be included and you can see that five components are usually the most important: Requirements profile, Job advertisement, Application process, Interview, References. These five steps should facilitate and help companies find the right candidates for the positions that need to be filled. What is included in each part can vary and how comprehensive the different parts are in comparison to each other can also vary. You can choose to hold an interview with your candidates or you can proceed with a second interview with a few selected candidates, some specific jobs may require a background check which becomes a mandatory step during a reference check in a recruitment process, etc. How each part looks can vary greatly depending on the type of position to be filled. Therefore, these steps should be seen as a basis to start from when creating a recruitment process.


Requirements profile



Application process





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Recruitment requires a process

When there is a need for recruitment, you need to make sure that there is a process to follow. Recruiting can be a cumbersome and extensive process. It is therefore important that it is in place to be able to recruit the right skills and that everyone involved knows how it works. It makes things much easier and saves a lot of time when it’s time to start recruiting.

Find your process

The hiring process can look very different depending on the size of a company, the type of position you are hiring for and the resources you have available to carry out a recruitment. Thus, trying to describe a recruitment process that can suit everyone can be difficult as it can look very different based on the conditions mentioned above. To a large extent, however, there are certain elements that are good to include in a recruitment, regardless of how large or small the process is when recruiting staff.

Recruitment guide for the future

Here you can read our recruitment guide, which addresses points and factors to be at the forefront when it comes to recruitment, as well as new methods that are starting to become standard in a recruitment process. Society is constantly changing, so the recruitment process must constantly be updated to meet new needs that arise.
Read our recruitment guide

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