Career page

A career page should reflect what it is like to work at this particular workplace and should contain information about the business in general, possible career paths within the organization, what the culture looks like and what values one has. The career page is intended to guide a person as to whether or not it is an interesting workplace in relation to their own values and visions.

Examples on what to include on a career page

About us

A section where you can briefly describe what type of company you are, your vision and possibly link to your “About us” page on your own website.

Employee benefits

What benefits does your company offer? Flexible working hours? Health care allowance? Development opportunities? Insurances? List all the benefits that candidates might be interested in knowing about.

Meet the team

Here you can use images, videos and text to get an insight into the team that works at your company. Perhaps you can also introduce the management team or other employees here?

Higher’s Career page

Higher offers a career page where it is easy and convenient to find available jobs. You immediately get an overview of information about the vacant position. After that, we have made it easy to find the application process and complete it in a flow without interruption! Here you will also find sections where you can enter essential information such as employee benefits, presentation of the team and more information about being a company. All the information a candidate could conceivably want when applying for a job with you.


What is most important on a career page?

In 2022, we conducted a survey on LinkedIn where we asked what is most important on a career page for candidates. The answer speaks for itself – the ease of finding and applying for a job is what candidates today attach the greatest importance to. Make sure your career page makes it easy for candidates to find and apply for jobs. The career page from Higher is built and optimized to easily convert candidates into job seekers.

Read more about why you need to adapt your application process to mobile and how important it is.

To think about a career page

A career page is primarily where you list vacancies that your company has advertised and the main goal of that page should be to convert candidates to apply for a job with you. If you start from that aspect, you can see which other parts you want to be on such a page.
In addition to concrete offers, the career page is a good opportunity to reach out to specific target groups depending on what you are looking for. Who will work at the company, is it anyone or someone specific you wish to attract? If the message is clear to the chosen target group, the probability is high that they will feel prompted to submit an application. Therefore, consider the importance of adaptation to the target group when it comes to choosing language, content and visual layout.

What does your workplace offer?

It can be considered a generational issue, but it always becomes more important, the younger our new colleagues become, that an employer knows what the candidate is offered in return for the job they perform. It is the imagination that sets the limits, but simply described, it can be about everything from insurance employees can get through their employer, healthy employment conditions, pleasant working environment, flexible working hours, opportunity for skills development and benefits such as salary and health care allowance. Clarifying these offers makes it easy for a candidate to determine whether the criteria sufficiently match their own requirements in a new potential workplace. The higher the competition in a specific industry, the more important these offers become.


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