Job interview

A job interview means holding an interview with a candidate who has applied for the position and it is usually held online via video or via a physical meeting. During a job interview, the company can get the chance to ask more questions directly to the candidate and it can in turn ask questions back.

Questions for a job interview

Before you start preparing the type of questions you want to ask, it can be good to review the interview method you want to use. Are they individual interviews or group interviews? There are countless different interview methods out there, so decide which method works best for your company and for this particular position.
When the method is decided, it is time to start looking at what questions you want to ask in a job interview. Starting from the requirement profile and what type of information you want to obtain through a job interview is the first step. Based on the method, you can see what type of questions should be used. There are a few different types of questions that can be used: Skill and experience questions, situational questions and attitude/motivational questions.

Skill questions

Here, questions are asked about the candidate’s skills, i.e. level of education, industry experience, previous experience in a similar position or tasks that the role includes. Here is a chance to go deeper into the information that the candidate entered earlier in the application process.

Situation based questions

Questions about typical situations that may arise in the position, for example about the ability to prioritize or conflict resolution and how the candidate has reacted in similar situations in the past.

Attitude/motivation questions

These questions give you an idea of the extent to which the candidate is engaged in the job the person is applying for and what they value in an employer and in a workplace.

Here are 5 good tips how you as a recruiter can prepare for a job interview.

Structured interview

When the method and type of questions are determined, you can create a structured interview that can be used when conducting an interview. If several people recruit candidates for the same position, it is important that all candidates receive the same conditions if they are to be assessed on equal terms. If there is a structure through method and type of questions that everyone who recruits can follow, the risk of candidates receiving different conditions in a job interview is also reduced.
Being well-read on the requirements profile before a job interview and listening to the answers during an interview are essential for those who are recruiting. At least as important as preparing the questions to be asked. Then it is especially important that there is a structure in a job interview so space is given to be able to listen to the candidate’s answers and possibly ask relevant follow-up questions.

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