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HigherNovember 2023

Staffing crisis in the Ambulance sector – Solutions that Higher can offer

The EU’s rest rules and their consequences

A change in the regulations on rest periods, initiated by the EU, has resulted in a significant part of the ambulance staff in Gällivare resigning. This is something that DN writes about in their article here, where a number of employees express their concern for the future in the sector. This change means that employees within municipalities and regions must have at least 11 hours of continuous rest during each 24-hour period. As a consequence, the staff in Gällivare, a municipality that covers an enormous area larger than Blekinge and Skåne combined, has been forced to resign. About 40 percent of the paramedics have chosen to leave their positions.

Higher: Part of the Solution

At a time when the need for qualified paramedics is urgent, Higher can offer an innovative solution to facilitate the recruitment process and attract competent staff to the ambulance sector. With Higher’s mobile recruitment tool, you can effectively reach prospective candidates and ensure you have the right skills to fill vacant positions.

Consequences of the Terminations

These layoffs have dramatic consequences for Gällivare and its surrounding areas. The ambulances in the area have difficulty being staffed, which can endanger people’s lives in emergency situations. In addition, the layoffs have created an acute shortage of competent paramedics, which hampers the ability to quickly respond to medical crises in an area with great geographical distances.

Higher: Effective Recruitment Tool for the Ambulance Sector

Higher’s mobile recruitment tool can help the ambulance sector to quickly and efficiently recruit the skills needed. Potential candidates can easily apply for jobs directly on their phone by answering skill-based questions, psychological tests and video presentations instead of traditional CVs and cover letters.

Solutions in the Short and Long Term

In order to manage this staffing crisis, it is necessary to seek solutions in both the short and long term. Reviewing how the rest regime affects the ambulance sector and finding compromises that take into account the specific challenges of sparsely populated areas is essential. At the same time, measures must be taken to attract and retain qualified staff in the ambulance sector, including improved working conditions and opportunities for training and development.

Your Partner in Recruitment of Ambulance Personnel

Higher is ready to work with the ambulance sector to solve the staffing crisis. We offer an innovative solution to streamline the recruitment process and attract competent personnel to your business.

Addressing the Staffing Crisis and Protecting the Essentiality of Ambulance Healthcare

The ambulance sector is an important part of our healthcare system and its staff play a vital role in saving lives and providing essential care. The staffing crisis triggered by the new rest rules is a challenge that must be taken seriously. By examining the regulations, creating exceptions and using effective recruitment tool that Higher offers, we can ensure that no one is left without help in a critical situation. We invite the ambulance sector to contact us and book a meeting to discuss how we can together solve the staffing challenges and ensure the best possible care for our citizens.

Revolutionize the ambulance sector’s recruitment with Higher! Solve the acute staffing crisis and ensure vital healthcare.