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Filmed job advertisment

Sometimes, we may wonder how to write a job advertisement when looking for new employees. So, why not do it with moving material?! Video and film attract both active and passive candidates, and there is statistics to show that we remember moving material up to 80%, while static material like images only stick with us 20%. So, the choice is pretty clear, right? By using moving material, we evoke emotions that make the job, workplace, and the people working there feel closer.

Filmed job ads via Higher

At Higher, we offer video job advertisements. With our in-house team, we can create compelling Employer Branding videos that focus on showcasing your company or targeted recruitment videos that highlight specific positions. With over 10 years of experience in producing video job ads, we have a strong understanding of this format. Video job ads are also highly effective for promoting on social media platforms, as they provide dynamic content that stands out against static images.
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Tips! - Candidates trust the company's employees 3x more  than the company to provide credible information on what it's like to work there. 


What is a filmed job advertisement?

A filmed job advertisement provides a glimpse into the workplace for job seekers. It may include interviews with some employees about the workplace, the duties the role entails, the camaraderie among colleagues, and who their potential new colleagues/supervisors are. It is often a great example of creating an enticing job advertisement with a video that also provides a more authentic insight into the company than a written text ad. Behind every company, there are people who create value, build community, and drive the company forward every day. Many form relationships that last a lifetime in our workplaces, and in that case, a text about the role and workplace may seem inadequate when we are expected to base our choice of workplace on it.

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What does a filmed job advertisement say

A filmed job advertisement also says a lot about the culture - how people are dressed, what the offices look like, and the overall atmosphere. Who will be my colleagues? Who will be my immediate supervisor? Some will feel a connection, thinking "this is the workplace for me, where I want to work," while others won't recognize themselves in what is portrayed and will therefore continue their search for a company that aligns better with their own ambitions. In this way, companies are more successful in attracting candidates who already feel comfortable with the company culture from the start.

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