Filmed job advertisement

Can you sometimes ask yourself the question how to write a job advertisement when looking for new staff? Then why not do it with moving material?! Video and film attract both active and passive candidates and there are statistics that show that we remember moving material to 80% while static material such as images to only 20%. Then the choice is pretty much a given? With the help of moving material, we evoke emotions that make the job, the workplace and the people who work there feel closer

What is a filmed job advertisement?

A filmed job advertisement provides an insight into the workplace for a job seeker. It may contain interviews of some employees about the workplace, what tasks the role entails, the mood among colleagues and who one’s potential new colleagues/managers are. It is usually a good example of creating an attractive job advertisement with a film that also gives a more authentic insight into the company than an advertisement in written text. Behind all companies there are people who every day create value, build community and develop the company forward. Many build relationships that last a lifetime in our workplaces and then a text about the role and the workplace may seem insufficient when we are expected to base our choice of workplace on it.

What does a filmed job advertisement communicate

A filmed job advertisement also says a lot about the culture, how are they dressed, what do the premises look like and what’s the atmosphere like? Which colleagues will I work with? Who will be my immediate boss? Some will feel “this is a workplace for me, I want to work there” and others will not recognize themselves in what is conveyed and therefore look further for a company that better matches their own ambitions. In this way, companies succeed to a greater extent in attracting candidates who feel comfortable with the company culture right from the start.

Filmed job advertisement with Higher

At Higher, we offer filmed job advertisements. We have an internal team with us that can produce them, where we can create ads that are pure Employer Branding films where you focus generally on the company or pure recruitment films where you focus on specific services in the film. We have been making filmed job ads for over 10 years so we have good experience with the format. Filmed job ads are also good for use in social media advertising as they become moving material that stands out in comparison to static images.

Examples of filmed job advertisements

God Assistans


ICA Maxi Lindhagen


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