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Job advertisement

The first encounter for a candidate when they are applying for a job is a job advertisement. It should attract a candidate to apply for the position, so the job advertisement plays a crucial role in recruitment. A candidate often reads several ads when searching for a job, so it is important to stand out and cut through the noise among all the other ads if you want to find your dream candidate!

How do I write a job ad?

Writing a great job advertisement can sometimes be tricky. You want to include as much as possible to create a good and fair image of the intended position without losing the candidate's interest due to too much information to read. And of course, you also want to have a fun job advertisement!

When writing a job advertisement, start with the requirements profile and make sure to include the most relevant parts. The requirements profile becomes your best friend when writing a job advertisement, so always go back and double-check that everything that should be included is there.

When building a job advertisement, make sure to include the title, what the role entails, qualifications, and information about the company. This is a good starting point and gives the candidate an understanding of what the position involves, what requirements need to be met, and what type of workplace is offered.

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How to write a job advertisement

Title - What will be the title of the position the candidate is applying for? Here, the candidate gets a first impression of the role the company is seeking.

Role Description - What tasks will be performed, what responsibilities are included, who does the role report to, how extensive is it, etc. Here, you describe what the position entails.

Qualifications - What experiences and education are required for the position? List specific experience requirements if it is a requirement from the company's side.

Company Information - What are the company's values and culture? What benefits are available? Here, the company offering the position is described, and what it means to work specifically at that company.

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A good rule of thumb regarding the length of a job advertisement could be to think about a maximum of 3 scrolls on a mobile device. This way, the advertisement doesn't become too overwhelming, and the reader can easily absorb the information provided.

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SEO-optimized job advertisement

It is important to consider in a job advertisement that it is also tailored to SEO so that it can be picked up by various search engines such as Google, and more people can see your advertisement. If you would like a guide on how to optimize your specific advertisement, you can access one below - we are here to assist you!

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