Requirements profile

A requirements profile should tell what skills the company is looking for for a specific service. It is the starting point throughout the entire recruitment process and must ensure that the right skills are employed. Therefore, a requirements profile must contain the requirements and wishes that are relevant to the service.

Needs analysis before a requirements specification

Before you set a requirements profile, you need to start from a need. It could be that one of the staff at the company has quit and you need to review whether the role should be replaced outright. Another scenario could be that new needs have arisen that must be included in the role, so the requirements profile needs to be adjusted. If you want to create a requirements profile for a new position, you need to map out which skills are required, where in the organization the role should be located, etc. Regardless of the reason for recruiting for a position, you need to map the need that exists.
A good start is to ask the colleagues for the position to be filled which skills they lack, new needs that have arisen, etc. Although HR and managers may have a clear picture, many may forget the closest colleagues who usually have quite good and specific insights into what is required for the position.
When the need has been mapped, it is time to start writing the requirements profile.

Why do you need a requirements profile?

The reason for creating a requirements profile is that the organization must agree on which skills and needs are to be filled and that there is a common view of what the position should bring to the company. The organization must agree on what expectations exist so that the requirements profile can be used as a basis in the recruitment process. This in turn generates a united front and communication becomes clearer regardless of who is involved in the recruitment process, as long as everyone starts from the same requirement profile.

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Template for a requirements specification

Here are some good parts for a template to always include in a requirements profile in recruitment. Below is a list that you can start from.

  • What the job entails
  • What skills / experiences are required for the role?
  • Education?
  • System knowledge?
  • Language skills?
  • Scope & working hours?
  • Desired start date?
  • Salary, should be included if possible

When a requirements profile is to be created, it is easy to think here and now. Don’t forget to think long-term and what needs will arise in the future. Perhaps the company will change to another system in the near future so you will need that skill later on, then it may be time to include it in the requirements profile already now.


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