Recruitment tests

It can be difficult to get a good and fair picture of a candidate based on limited application methods such as just a CV or cover letter. Often, an employer wants to get a better overall picture of a candidate, and that’s where employment tests come in as part of a recruitment of candidates.

Recruitment test in Higher

The recruitment tool Higher includes a module with a personality test in the application process to get a better overall picture of the candidates applying for the position. The test is developed by Psykometrika, which obtains legitimized tests based on research and evidence-based methods. Here is an interview with Psykometrika regarding open-minded recruitment linked to employment tests.

What tests are available within recruitment?

There are a variety of different types of tests associated with recruitment today. Many have probably come across, when applying for a job, having to take a logical thinking test or a problem solving test. Both of these are examples of a type of employment test. In a recruitment process, you often want to measure different types of characteristics in candidates, and then tests can be a good way to do it. However, one should not rely solely on a test as a basis for employment, it can be dangerous. A test should be seen as an indication and as a complement to other information in an application, it should not be seen as a pure result.

Tips – use the result of a test as a basis for an interview with the candidate! Then there is the opportunity to go through the results together and discuss any deviant or noteworthy answers in order to get an even better picture of the candidate.

Higher has a test directly in the application process. Book a demo and we’ll show you how it works.

The difference between employment tests and personality tests

There are different types of tests and it is good to understand the difference between them. Two of the most common tests when a candidate is applying for a job are a pure employment test or a classic personality test.
An employment test is to see what qualifications a candidate possesses this helps an employer to know what level they can expect a candidate to be at when hiring. These are usually tests connected directly to a service, such as e.g. that you may do a task as part of the application or test your knowledge in an area specific to the position you have applied for.

Personality tests are used at work to understand which personality type connects to the team. Some examples of questions that these tests answer are: what role in the group will the person take? How does the candidate act in different situations? Team-oriented questions are usually answered by personality tests, unlike employment tests.


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