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Recruitment tests

It can be challenging to form a comprehensive and fair impression of a candidate based solely on limited application methods such as a CV or cover letter. Employers often desire a more complete understanding of a candidate, which is where employment tests come into play as part of the candidate recruitment process.

Recruitment tests in Higher 

Higher's recruitment tool includes a module with a personality test integrated into the application process, providing a comprehensive view of candidates applying for the position. The test has been developed by Psykometrika, a trusted provider of authorized tests based on extensive research and evidence-based methods. For an in-depth understanding of unbiased recruitment practices related to employment tests, check out the interview with Psykometrika.

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What tests are there in recruitment?

There are various types of tests associated with recruitment today. Many people have probably encountered situations where they have had to take a logical reasoning test or a problem-solving test when applying for a job. Both of these are examples of employment tests. In a recruitment process, it is often important to measure different qualities in candidates, and tests can be a useful way to do so. However, it is dangerous to rely solely on a test as the basis for making a hiring decision. A test should be seen as an indication and a complement to other information in an application, rather than a definitive result.

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Tips - utilize the test results as a foundation during the candidate's interview!

This provides the opportunity to collectively review the outcome and discuss any deviating or noteworthy responses in order to obtain an even more comprehensive understanding of the candidate.

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Distinguishing between employment tests and personality tests

There are various types of tests, and it is important to understand the difference between them. Two of the most common tests when a candidate applies for a job are a specialized employment test or a traditional personality test.

An employment test is designed to assess the qualifications of a candidate so that an employer knows the level of expertise they can expect from the candidate during employment. These tests are usually directly related to a specific position, such as completing a task as part of the application process or testing knowledge in a specific area relevant to the job applied for.

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Personality tests are commonly used in job settings to determine which personality type will best fit within a team. These tests provide insights into questions such as: what role will the person take on within the group? How do candidates react in different situations? Personality tests are typically utilized to answer team-oriented inquiries, as opposed to employment tests.

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