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HigherJanuary 2023

Time to remove the bias jury when you screen candidates! 


Skill-based recruitment that is fair

Based on that, it is strange to say the least that the recruiting world still clings to the sport of assessment, where you sit and assess candiadtes based on CVs and personal letters. Somewhere I think we should have gone further, to judge people’s competence, attitude and professional ability based on a piece of paper. There you sit like the jury for a figure skating competition and assess professional ability, completely subjectively. Judging sports will always be drawn with the problem of injustice and the human factor. 


I entered the world of recruitment 15 years ago; my ambition then was the same as now – to make recruitment more fair! There are so many talented, competent, and committed people out there getting rejected on subjective grounds. In 2022, we can no longer have it that way! Today, the technology exists to measure people’s ability in a fair way, it’s just a matter of us as humans having the courage to let go of our ingrained behavior. If we cling to documents, we will always select people based on the wrong parameters. Fair recruiting basically means giving all candidates exactly the same opportunity to go through the selection process. It shouldn’t matter how old you are, what gender you are or where you come from, everyone should have the same chance in the selection process, then seconds, centimeters or number of goals are required. Only then can we say that we are approaching fair recruitment. 


Basically, it’s about not screening out candidates on the wrong grounds, we as humans can easily get caught up in the most insignificant things. Ensuring that the selection is completely fair, I would argue, is as far as we can go to counter discrimination. If we have to interact with other people, personal characteristics will always have to be weighed. You don’t build a successful team with people who don’t get along, even though everyone has the right skills. We can learn that from all successful team building in sports. Ensure that the necessary skills are available, then it’s a matter of matching the person to the right team. 


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