Video recruitment

Video recruitment is based on the fact that video is an obvious element in an application process for a candidate. This may mean that the candidate records a short video of himself, answers questions on video or that the recruiting company uses video in its advertising. Using video instead of a CV can be a good tip for streamlining a recruitment process.

Video presentations within recruitment

There are many benefits to using video as part of a candidate’s presentation when applying for a job. Using mobile material already in an application process means that the recruiter immediately gets a feel for the candidate before deciding to call for an interview. In this way, the picture of the candidate becomes more complete than if the candidate only has to submit a CV and cover letter. After all, we are people who have to work with people, isn’t it strange that we have to start from a piece of paper?

Filmed job advertisement

Video can also be used the other way around so that the company makes a so-called filmed job advertisement where they can present the workplace, interview with the closest colleagues and give a picture of what it is like to work for them.
In this way, video makes it possible for both candidate and company to communicate in a completely new way and both parties get a significantly better idea of each other. When the knowledge of each other is deeper, it also increases the accuracy of recruitment and that you find a candidate who is inclined to stay longer in the company.
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Higher – Recruitment tool with video

In Higher, there is a module dedicated to questions that must be answered with video. The choice is between 1-3 questions where questions are asked and the candidate answers the question through a recorded film. Here you can ask questions about the candidate, about their experience, how they would describe themselves and questions related to the position.

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