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Video recruitment

Video recruitment is based on the idea that video is an essential element in the job application process for a candidate. This may involve the candidate recording a short video of themselves, answering questions in a video, or the recruiting company using video in their advertising. Utilizing video instead of a traditional CV can be a valuable tip for streamlining the recruitment process.

Higher - Recruitment tool with video

In Higher's recruitment tool, there is a dedicated module for questions to be answered with video. You can choose between 0-3 questions where candidates are asked and they answer the question through a recorded film. Here, you can ask questions about the candidate, their experience, how they would describe themselves, and questions related to the position.



Video presentations in recruitment

There are numerous advantages to incorporating video as part of a candidate's job application presentation. By utilizing dynamic material during the application process, recruiters can gain an immediate sense of the candidate before deciding to invite them for an interview. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the candidate compared to solely relying on a resume and cover letter. After all, as human beings working with other human beings, it seems peculiar to base our judgments solely on paper.

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Filmed job advertisement

Video can also be used in reverse, where the company creates a so-called filmed job advertisement, in which they can showcase the workplace, interview the closest colleagues, and provide an insight into what it's like to work specifically for them. This allows both the candidate and the company to communicate in a completely new way, giving both parties a significantly better understanding of each other. When the knowledge about each other is deeper, it also increases the accuracy in recruitment, ensuring that a candidate is more likely to stay longer with the company.
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Listen to our customers as they share their experiences of using video in their recruitment process.

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