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Skill-based recruitment

Hiring the right personnel is crucial for both the success of your company and the well-being of your team. By utilizing skill-based recruitment, you can ensure that you find the perfect fit for the right position. Skill-based recruitment, also known as CBR, permeates every step of the hiring process, from job advertisements and interviews to reference checks and onboarding.


This is how you recruit based on skills

Our recruitment tool is constantly evolving in collaboration with our clients. Many of them are in the retail, service, hotel, and restaurant industries - sectors where personal qualities often carry weight. However, our method can be applied to all types of roles and businesses. We also support you every step of the way and are happy to help formulate selection questions and choose the right types of tests for the skills and qualities you are seeking.
With Higher, you not only get a user-friendly and efficient recruitment tool, but also a reliable partner with many years of recruitment experience. We created Higher because we ourselves lacked a recruitment tool like it.

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What is skill-based recruitment

Skill-based recruitment is all about focusing on skills rather than experiences. This means that you need to first determine the skill-based requirement and then find candidates who meet that need. Many candidates may have similar experiences and education on paper but have completely different skills based on the company's structure and where the organization is in its development, what responsibilities were included in the role, etc. All of this will impact your experience, and as a result, you will have completely different skills based on it. Hence, the importance of working with skill-based recruitment throughout the entire hiring process.
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Skill-based interview

Even during the interview stage, you can focus on competencies and ask various situation-based or pure skill questions. Start by referring to the requirements profile and the necessary skills, then base your questions on them.

If tests are used in the recruitment process, the questions should also be tailored to the required skills if you want to adapt the process to skill-based recruitment. A helpful tip is to start from the requirements profile and map out the skills based on it. The requirements profile then becomes a guiding thread throughout the entire recruitment process, ensuring that the sought-after needs are included in every part.


Increase diversity through skill-based recruitment

Want to read our blog on how skill-based recruitment can lead to better diversity in the workplace? Research and studies have shown that diversity increases when you utilize skill-based recruitment. Learn more here!

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Where to start?

If you want to start recruiting based on skills, a good start is to look at how the recruitment process looks today at the company. Map out all the steps involved and tailor each step to focus on the skills required. It can be everything from skill questions, personality tests, interviews, reference taking and video questions.


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