Skill based recruitment

Hiring the right staff is critical to both the success of your business and the well-being of your team. With skill based recruitment, you ensure that you get the right person in the right place. Skill based recruitment permeates the entire recruitment process, from job advertisement and interview to reference taking and onboarding.

This is how you recruit based on skills

Our recruitment tool Higher is built to apply skill based recruitment in all stages of a recruitment process. The various modules in the system are tailored to be adapted based on the requirements profile developed. The recruitment tool then sorts out the best qualified candidates based on the requirement profile where the most suitable candidate is presented first and then in descending order.

What is skill based recruitment?

Skill based recruitment is really about focusing on competences instead of experience. This means that you must first determine the need for skills and then find candidates who meet the need. Many candidates may have similar experiences and education on paper but completely different skills based on how the company’s structure looks and where in the development an organization is, which areas of responsibility were included in the role, etc. All of this will affect your experience and you will therefore have completely different skills based on it. Hence the importance of working with skill based recruitment in the entire recruitment process.

Skill based interview

Even in the interview stage, you can work with skills and ask different situation-based questions or pure skills questions. Start from the requirements profile and which skills are required and base the questions on that.

If tests are used in the recruitment process, the questions should also be adapted based on the skills required if you are to adapt the process to a skill-based recruitment. A good tip is to start from the requirement profile and map skills based on it. The requirement profile then becomes a common thread throughout the entire recruitment process and ensures that the need sought is included in each part.

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Increase diversity with skill based recruitment

Do you want to read our blog how skill based recruitment can lead to better diversity in a workplace? There is research and studies that prove that diversity increases if you use skill based recruitment.
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Where do I start?

If you want to start recruiting based on skills, a good start is to look at how the recruitment process looks today at the company. Map out all the steps involved and tailor each step to focus on the competencies required. It can be everything from competence questions, personality tests, interviews, reference taking and video questions.


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