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HigherNovember 2023

Benefits of Video Recruiting: A Guide to Modern Talent Aquisition

What is skill-based recruitment and how can you as an employer work with it in combination with video recruitment? The definition of skill-based recruitment is to carry out a structured recruitment process that prioritizes the skills and knowledge needed for the specific position. The goal is to ensure that the right skills are recruited to meet the needs of the business both now and in the future.

Here are some of the top benefits of integrating video recruiting with subsequent skill-based interviewing into your recruiting strategy:

More efficient selection process

Video recruitment gives you the opportunity to accurately assess candidates’ skills and personality through self-recorded answers to specific questions. This provides a deeper insight into the candidate’s abilities and potential, surpassing traditional CVs and cover letters. You can assess both verbal and non-verbal elements, making it possible to identify the most promising candidates in a more nuanced way.

Time saving

Video recruitment makes the process quick and easy. Instead of scheduling and conducting initial phone interviews, you can review candidates’ presentations and responses at your convenience. It saves significant time and energy that you can invest in other important aspects of the recruitment process, such as interviewing the most suitable candidates in person.

Improved Candidate Experience

For candidates, video recruitment offers a more flexible and convenient application process. Higher offers a completely paperless application process that is 100% mobile friendly, allowing candidates to record their responses at their convenience. It also gives them the opportunity to present themselves in a way they feel most comfortable with, which can give a fairer and more representative picture of their skills and personality.

Effective Sharing of Information

Video recruiting enables easy sharing of recorded interviews and assessments within the recruiting team or organization. This facilitates collaboration and decision-making by allowing more people to be involved in the assessment of candidates in the recruitment tool Higher. It is cost-effective and time-saving, and it helps the team identify and recruit the most suitable candidates for the organization’s needs. In addition, video recruiting opens the door to a wider talent pool through the ability to interview and evaluate candidates regardless of their geographic location.

In summary, video recruiting offers a range of benefits that can improve your recruitment process, enhance the candidate experience and help find the best talent for your company. In combination with a skill-based interview technique and testing in your recruitment, you can take advantage of modern technology and streamline your recruitment strategy. At the same time, you will be better equipped to face today’s competition for talent. In Higher, all this is offered in one and the same recruitment tool!

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