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HigherNovember 2023

5 tips for those of you who want to digitize your recruitment

1.  Mobile customization is key

Assume that your candidates will use their phones when they explore your careers site and apply for jobs. Therefore, make sure that your website is fully mobile-friendly. A smooth and user-friendly career page will make it easier for potential candidates to find job vacancies and submit their applications.

Higher offers a smooth and mobile-friendly career page, making it easy for candidates to find job vacancies and submit their applications directly via their mobile devices as we have a unique application process developed specifically for mobile.


2. Use Market Insights for Effective Recruitment

By involving the marketing department, you can gain valuable insights into where your website visitors are coming from. This can help you adapt your ads and recruitment strategies to reach the right target group. Think through how different channels can be used to reach potential candidates, whether it’s advertising, social media or other platforms.


3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Better Visibility

To increase the probability of reaching the right applicant, it is important to optimize your job ads for search engines. Make sure your ad titles and text match the relevant keywords in your industry. This will increase the chance that your ads will rank higher in search results and be noticed by potential candidates.

Higher helps companies optimize their job ads for search engines, increasing the chance of ranking higher in search results and thereby reaching more potential candidates.

4. Use different media formats

When you attract candidates, it is important to use different media formats. Images and videos are very effective in conveying your message and attracting candidates. By using sound and image, you activate more senses, create emotions and attract more and better applicants to your organization. Filmed job advertisements are therefore a powerful tool for conveying your company culture in an engaging way. This is something that we offer and recommend to all our customers.


5. Rethink the application process

Do you always require a CV and cover letter? It may be worth thinking in other ways when it comes to gathering information about the candidates’ skills and personality. Use digital tools and questionnaires to gather relevant information in a smooth way. It can make the application process less complicated and more accessible to applicants.

By partnering with Higher, companies can make their candidate journey mobile-friendly, be visible in the right places and use innovative communication channels to streamline and improve the recruitment process for both the company and the applicants.

Digitize your recruitment and secure a mobile-friendly candidate journey with Higher!