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HigherNovember 2023

Employer branding starts with attracting the right candidates

1. Clear communication of the company’s values and culture

In order to attract candidates who fit your company culture, it is crucial to communicate your values and company culture in an open and clear way. Use your web pages, social media and other communication channels to describe what makes your company unique and attractive as a workplace. Formulating this with the help of words can be experienced as difficult and a good way to do it is therefore to do it with a film that shows the workplace and its employees in an authentic and transparent way.

2. Create an engaging career page

Your career page is often the first point of contact between candidates and your company. Make sure it is informative, user-friendly and engaging. Showcase the company culture, talk about career opportunities and let past and present employees share their experiences. This gives candidates a deeper insight into what to expect.

3. Active presence on social media

Use social media to increase your company’s visibility and attract candidates. Share regular content that showcases company culture, employee achievements, and company events. Engage with your network and answer questions from potential candidates to create a positive experience.

4. Employee recommendations and storytelling

Your current employees are often your best tool for attracting new talent. Encourage your employees to recommend candidates they think would fit into the company culture. Share stories about successful employees, the company’s development and its impact on society. Through storytelling, you can make your company more human and attractive to potential candidates.

5. Establish a good recruitment process

A flexible and professional recruitment process is an important part of employer branding. Candidates who have a positive experience during the recruitment process are more likely to have a positive image of your company, even if they don’t get the job. Give feedback, be clear about expectations and treat all candidates with respect. With Higher as a recruitment tool, a large part of the work can be automated and in this way you ensure a more quality assured recruitment process.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that employer branding begins with creating an attractive first impression. By communicating your values, using digital platforms effectively, telling stories, and establishing a good recruitment process, you can increase your company’s appeal and attract the best candidates to your organization. Employer branding is a continuous process based on creating and maintaining a positive and truthful reputation as an employer.

Create a strong Employer Brand with Higher and attract talent who share your values.